Wiring Diagrams

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Who is this service for?

If you’ve sized your electrical system and are now ready for it to be installed, we can provide you with a personalised wiring diagram (schematic).

Having a wiring diagram makes an electrical installation much quicker, safer, and way less stressful!

What Does This Service Include?

A 1-to-1 Consultation (30 mins) to answer any questions you might have and finalise your system components (please note: this time is not to plan out your system). 

Within 7 days you will receive your PDF Wiring Diagram.

All of our PDF Schematics are drawn using a professional schematic drawing software used by Victron Energy.

All Wiring Diagrams include: Solar Panels; Batteries; Inverter; MPPT Charge Controllers; Isolation Switches; Breakers; Fuse Boxes and Fuse Sizing;
Cable Lengths and Gauges/Sizes;
Notes on recommended wiring techniques and component positioning.

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wiring diagram schematic

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Not sure where to start?
Book a System Design with us so that we can plan exactly what you’ll need for your tiny build. *We can also supply the parts.

The quickest way to answer your electrical questions (no matter how big or small), is to jump on a call with our Tiny Build Electrics expert, Tom.