Electrical System Design

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Who is this service for?

If you’re just beginning your van conversion, boat or tiny home electrics and not sure where to start, this service is perfect for you.

In a nutshell, we help plan and design your electrical system, from what size batteries to which inverter will be best for you. We’ll calculate how much power you’ll require and give you a clear document with all the info you’ll need to begin your tiny build. We can even supply all the parts you’ll need.

What Does This Service Include?

A 1-to-1 Consultation (1 hour) to answer any questions you may have and discuss the essential/non essential items you wish to run in your van e.g. fridge, fans, USBs, blenders etc. 

Within 1 week, you will be provided with full documentation detailing your recommended electrical system components. We can also supply these parts.

Full documentation includes:

Battery Capacity
Solar Array (Panel) Size
MPPT Charge Controller Size
DC-DC/Alternator Size
Inverter/Charger Size

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electrical system design
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We Can Also Help You With:

If you’ve designed your electrical system and you’re ready to install it, we can provide you with a personalised wiring diagram (schematic) to follow.

The quickest way to get an answer to your electrical questions (no matter how big or small), is to jump on a Zoom call with our Tiny Build Electrics expert, Tom.